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Top 5 tips to get your Summer Treks right!

Summer doesn't stop you from going to treks, read how!

By Sridevi M


March is finally here but the wanderlust in you doesn’t want to give up. Summer treks call for some tough times, especially when it comes to sustaining your energy throughout your trek.


Beat the heat with these top 5 tips that will keep you going despite all the odds.


Listen to your trek leader!

Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a first timer, it’s good to pay heed to your trek leader’s instructions. When he says get a cap or 2 litres of water, just do it because it’s for your own good. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen too!



SRI_2032Wear really good shoes

You can very well save money by buying cheap clothes online, but please don’t compromise on your shoes. Ask me about it as I lost my shoes’ soles in quick succession on my last trek to Devkund. I could feel the stones and foliage with my “soul-less” shoes and I only thank my stars for keeping my shoes pretty intact till the end of the trek. Tip: Action has some good trekking shoes. Mine were of Quechua; perhaps not made for the rugged Sahyadris!



Eat light. Eat right SRI_2009

You are what you eat. Isn’t this true? Avoid carrying fried, spicy food on your treks. I was pretty excited to make potato bhaji cheese sandwiches early morning but they turned out to be too dry without a small packet of tomato ketchup. Boiled sweet corn saved the day. A fellow trekker carried tomatoes for everyone and it was such a relief eating them on a sunny day. You can even carry little pieces of jaggery and keep popping them in your mouth every now and then. Jaggery is high in iron and gives you a quick sugar rush (minus the sugar of course!) – thanks to a fellow trekker for this tip. Carry fruits, shreekhand (if you want) and juicy veggies like tomatoes or cool cucumbers.



Sign up for night treks


Summer shouldn’t be a hindrance for your passion for travelling. You can always sign up for night treks if the heat is unbearable.


It’s fun when you spend more time trekking under the moonlight and simply lying down on cool grass under a thousand stars. Trek Mates India ( has put up an exciting schedule of night treks which you can check out.







Don’t stop having fun

Don’t frown because you are sweating it out. Smile because you are still travelling and exploring some beautiful places on earth! Make new friends, care and share and click some jolly good selfies that will preserve your memories forever.

Stay cool, stay fit and trek more!


On a summer trek to Devkund, Bhira village, Maharashtra




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